Friday, November 2, 2007

Women's Vball vs Oregon State 11/2/2007

Stanford 3 Oregon State 0
This was one of those games where I hoped we would build off the previous night's finish and not overlook the opponent. We certainly did not want to see another ugly Washington-state like game. Attendance was better than the night before but seeing as there was a men's soccer game against UCLA at the same time and it was Oregon State, it was understandable that the turnout wasn't great.

We came out of the gates pretty sharp. It was interesting to see Cassidy in the starting rotation as she subbed in for Erin and played in the back row for the whole of the first game. Alix was given the green light to jump serve, as was Gabi when she served in the second game. On her first service run, Alix had a couple of powerful serves before hitting one long. Alex Fisher saw her first piece of action since her hand injury and we were able to sub in Janet and Joanna towards the end of games. Franci had a great game too, and it seemed like she was connecting very well with Bryn. We basically ran away with the game in the first and third and managed to pull away from Oregon when they clung around for a bit in the second. The putting contest also returned in between the second and third game and tonight's contestant sunk his half court putt for a cool $500!

I can't really tell whether it was us being great or Oregon State being bad (probably a combination of both) but it was nice to see us maintain our focus and play well in what many would consider a gimme game. The upcoming road game to Washington will most likely determine the Pac-10 champion. I hope we bring our A Game.
~ Zhihao

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