Friday, October 26, 2007

Inside Stanford Sports: Gordon Biersch 10/24/2007

Starved from Cardinal sports action with most of our teams on the road, we headed to Gordon Biersch on Wednesday to catch the weekly call-in radio show. It was our second time there (the first had been after the USC game). I should add that we're not fairweather radio show fans but just couldn't make it last week!

With Game 1 of the World Series going on, GB was much more crowded than previously. This time, the interview tables were set up in the main restaurant section as opposed to the bar, which was overflowing with Red Sox Fans. We recognised a couple of folks from last time who we figure are Bootleg stalwarts. The Bootleg is a website recognised as the Unathorized Authority on Cardinal Sports and has great analysis, breaking news and discussion on anything Stanford sports related. We've worked out something with The Bootleg where we post these blog entries on their forums.

Alex Fletcher and Chris Marinelli were the two players being interviewed (Tavita and Bradford were the obvious choice after the USC game) and were milling around GB while Harbaugh on the air. Fletch came up and introduced himself to us. Marinelli followed shortly after. We chatted with Fletch about the USC game and how Corvallis and Washington State were difficult to travel to. He thanked us for the support. Nice guy.

We finally got a table as Fletch and Marinelli went on air as Harbaugh left GB. Haven't had a chance to talk to him yet but I definitely plan to thank him for making senior year of football worhtwhile (no matter what the outcome is) at some point. Fletch and Marinelli were entertaining. The O-line and their coaches definitely deserve credit for the dramatic turnaround from last year. The right side (Fletch and Marinelli's side) has being doing its thing and hopefully the line can stay healthy.

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