Sunday, October 7, 2007

We Were There

Wow. It's the morning after our 18 hr road trip and highly improbable victory. I feel a mix of disbelief and jubilation. It's like waking up from a dream. I definitely realised the enormity of the moment during those tense closing minutes and after the game, but coming back and reading about the craziness that ensued on campus and the national headlines we made, it's pretty hard to fathom that we were there for one of those history-in-the-making moments. During the half time show when USC re-created "The Play" against Cal, a Stanford alum told his daughter that he was there. This game will be part of Stanford folk lore. We were there!

As a member of the class of 08, it's especially satisfying after experiencing 3 disappointing seasons. It feels like we've come full circle - from almost upsetting USC at home during freshman Orientation (a victory that I would not have fully appreciated since I had just come to the US and it was my first ever football game) to doing the unthinkable, senior year. Albert commented after the game that the win completely validated his Stanford football experience. I can't say that I've shared his fervour for Stanford football throughout these 4 years, but this win will be remembered and treasured dearly.

A detailed recap of our usual observations and comments will follow but we're still savouring the moment and getting some much needed sleep!

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