Friday, October 5, 2007

Women's Soccer vs Santa Clara 10/5/2007

Stanford 0 Santa Clara 0
Judging from the number of Santa Clara supporters during the Stanford Invitational a couple of weeks ago, I expected a decent turnout. I never expected the game to sell out with many students relegated to watching it from outside the stadium. Depsite the chilly night, many of them stayed till the end. Of the many Santa Clara fans in attendance, there were a couple who were especially boisterous. That is what makes college games so much fun.

The game itself was probably the most exciting, yet frustrating goal-less draw. We created so many chances, hit the post so many times and failed to get some 60-40 penalty kick calls. What heartened me the most was that we thoroughly outplayed the #5 team in the nation (which at one point was #1). Santa Clara came in with a defensive mindset and seemed to be clinging on for a goal-less draw the entire game. We created great chances but just couldn't seem to finish. That hasn't been a problem in previous games so I'm not too worried.
~ Zhihao

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