Friday, October 26, 2007

Softball vs San Jose State 10/25/2007 (Fall Game #1)

San Jose St. 5 5 0
Stanford 4 11 0

Lineup (10 batting)- Alissa Haber CF, Tricia Aggabao not in field, Maddy Coon SS, Rosey Neill C, Michelle Smith 3B, Shannon Koplitz 2B, Missy Penna P, Melisa Koutz 1B, Michelle Schroeder RF, Anna Beardman LF

This was the first of 3 fall games for the softball team in the upcoming weeks. As such it wasn't completely by the rules. Both teams batted 10 players and were allowed to sub and re-enter as they wished with runners. There were a fair number of Stanford parents there, and SJSU also had a sizable contingent of people. I believe this was the first live action for San Jose State as well, and it showed during the game. Both teams were a little rusty in the circle, and we made 2-3 baserunning mistakes that ended up being the difference in the game.

We pitched Missy to start and she went 4 1/3 and gave up 2 hits and 1 run. I believe she had 4-5 K's and probably 4-5 BB as well. She also had a couple of HBPs that came on an 0-2 count and a 1-2 count. Becky pitched the final 2 2/3. She threw OK, but in the end it wasn't enough to hold of SJSU in the last couple of innings. They strung together a couple hits and had two runners score on a bloop hit between Alissa and Anna.

Our hitting will likely be our strength again this year, and we did fairly well against SJSU's pitching. I don't know how much live pitching they've seen thus far, so there's not too much to be taken just yet. The spring will be looking for progress and improvement from game to game. We hit the ball well, we just could have used a couple more timely hits(just like last year). Baserunning slipped twice, which I'm sure Coach wasn't thrilled about. Once was Shannon getting picked off of second base by the catcher. The other was more of a mistake of aggression with Autumn getting thrown out at home trying to score on a wild pitch that ricocheted back to the catcher on a line and then Shannon(I think) was thrown out trying to make it to 3rd during the play.

We lost Lindsay Key and Jackie Rinehart from last year, and judging from the roster and what I saw tonight, Lauren Nydam didn't return to the team this year. We picked up 5 freshmen and Melisa is already starting for now. It may be until Erin's knee is better or she may find her way into the starting lineup like Shannon did last year. We also used Autumn as a pinch runner a couple of times as well. Time will tell on the other three, but I'm sure they'll see time at some time during the season. The final two games are Sunday November 4th starting at 10 am. There will probably be more observations from those two games due to there being more game time and another week of practice.

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