Friday, October 19, 2007

Women's Soccer vs UCLA 10/19/2007

Stanford 0 UCLA 2
The Upper 90 Student section was a sea of red. I was surprised that we had that many student fans. They hadn't shown up during the Cal game last Sunday but then again, you don't usually get to see the top two teams in the nation play each other during the regular season in any sport. It was also a Friday night and there weren't that many sporting events going on. All in all, it was a great turn out.

There was a group of middle school girls from Menlo seated in front of us with their soccer coach. Their assignment was to write down the formation that Stanford was playing and the position of each player. Extra credit would be given if they did the same for UCLA. As Albert commented, our midfield and forwards drop in and out of different formations with regularity so it was no easy task. The best homework submission would receive a prize. I was pretty amused.

As for the game, we looked out of sorts and just couldn't seem to hold onto possession or make that final pass or touch whenever we strung together a nice build up. The penalty we conceded was one of those 50-50 calls and the second goal an uncharacteristic mistake. Full credit to UCLA for their aggressive play and good ball possession. Hopefully we can bounce back against USC on Sunday.
~ Zhihao

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