Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football vs Arizona State 9/29/2007

Stanford 3 Arizona State 41
With orientation over, the student turnout wasn't as impressive. A recurring comment about the Oregon game was of how we imploded in the 2nd half. I, on the other hand, was pretty pleased with the 2nd quarter. Perhaps last year has made me savour the small victories more.

Upon entering the stadium, I was pleased to discover that any student on a Stanford dining plan could use a meal towards a hot dog, fries and drink at the stadium. I'm not sure how I was charged because I suspect that they swiped my card incorrectly, but it's a steal considering the exorbitantly priced stadium food.

The field show today was good but not spectacular. They might have outdone themselves during the San Jose State and Oregon games. I did, however, appreciate the drum major's Wheatie Box costume. It was also fun seeing our '09 basketball recruits with their parents and some members of the basketball team. I recognised Mann, Plumlee (with his younger brother perhaps) and of course Brandenburg with his dad. I think Green might have been there too. All the potential that I won't get to see play in Maples!

The game itself was obviously disappointing. I still think the O-line did a decent job pass blocking and the defense battled but was on the field too much. By the end of the 4th, the student section had pretty much cleared out. I can't say that I was surprised seeing as how badly we played but a message to the freshmen: Welcome to a game in our football lives last year. This will make you appreciate our improvements in the years to come.

Unknown to us all, Walt Harris and Jim Harbaugh switched bodies before this game. I guess since it was the Director's Cup presentation game, Walt decided he needed to come back and cement his legacy as a craptastic coach. Although the numbers show otherwise our defense actually played decently in the first half. We got burned on the one long pass play to Burgess, and that was promptly compounded by TC's pick 6 on the very next play. All of a sudden 21-0 instead of 6-0 or 14-0 going into half. We also did not capitalize on Tim Sims' interception earlier in the second quarter. If our offense does not put up points, or at least keep the defense from living and dying on the field, it will be a long season.

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