Saturday, September 1, 2007

It begins

Senior year began on 25th August when women's field hockey and volleyball had their first games of the season. This is it for those of us in the Class of 08. We've become accustomed to sporting success with 13 straight Director's Cups, but we haven't had a bowl game or beaten Cal. Our men's basketball team underperformed freshman and sophomore year after a magical season when I had gotten into Stanford but was stuck in the Army. Women's basketball can't seem to get over the elite 8 hump. Our baseball team is no longer as dominant as it once was.

But the past doesn't matter. This season is going to be special, no matter what happens, because of the people.

The goal: At least 100 Stanford sporting events

The process: Documenting the travelling, camping out, victories and defeats through a video blog like or at the very least, a blog with pictures.

The plan: M Bball trips to Northwestern, Siena, Colorado, Pac-10 away games and the Pac-10 Tournament. W Vball to Sacramento (if we make the Final 4). Away football games. Multiple games at Cal etc.. Basically, if it's worth going to, we'll try and be there.

The outcome: A great year in Cardinal sports and a 14th Director's Cup

The people: Anyone who wants to come along for the ride!

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Al said...

Zhihao, if it wasn't for that stupid army you wouldn't have turned as hardcore because you would have missed out on the wackiness that was freshman and sophomore year.