Friday, September 14, 2007

Women's Soccer vs Missouri 9/14/2007

Stanford 3 Missouri 2
This was my first regular season game at Maloney's Field. The only other women's soccer game that I attended was the NCAA round of 16 game last year where I stood by the fence and watched us lose on penalties (it was after a basketball game). I had convinced a friend to go to her second ever Stanford sporting event (her first was synchronised swimming, something that even Albert hasn't attended!) and so the night was off to a good start.

Not having any basis for comparison, I thought it was a pretty sloppy game on our part. Missouri failed to capitalise on its chances. We did, and that was the difference. The second half was a lot of fun to watch, especially towards the end when tiring legs on defense opened up the field. The 88th minute game winning goal helped as well. One of the takeaways I got out of the game is that Shari Summers is a stud. I've obviously heard about how good she is but seeing her in person really drove home the point.

My favourite moment other than the game winner was someone behind me likening Missouri's continuous cycle of substitutions to a line change. I'm not sure whether it was a function of the game being part of an invitational but it seemed excessive. All in all, a great first soccer game at Maloney's.

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