Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football vs San Jose State 9/15/2007

Stanford 37 San Jose State 0

Wow, now I know what it feels like to have a running game. Toby was Mike Alstott-like, bowling people over. We ran well outside the tackles, something you almost never saw last year. Our full back made some solid blocks to spring people. It took so much pressure off TC that he finally made some throws in the second half. Sure, TC can do much much better and San Jose State looked terrible, but right now, I just want to savour the moment.

Kudos to our O-line who did a fantastic job with pass protection. Granted this was San Jose St but it's amazing the difference that coaching can make. On the defense, Bo McNally was a stud, flying all over the field. Everyone was rooting for him to take that interception all the way. The "Marching Cardinal" also did a great job with their half time show which was a good dig at our administration for how they've dealt with the band. It was hilarious especially after San Jose State's stuffy display. Cheering wise, we need to get people on the same page for the 1st down cheer. It's after the announcer says that we made a first down. I guess the sohpomores didn't get a lot of practice last year.

After the season we had last year, it's always good when you can get the opposing coach to say: "Well we were awful, we were badly coached. We were a bunch of prima donnas. We just don't compete. We are going to practice at 6:30 in the morning. Full gear. Anybody not there is cut and any coach who is not there is fired." Let's see what we can do against Oregon with all the freshmen in attendance.

It wasn't long into the third quarter when the crowd started to disappear, until there were maybe three hundred people scattered around the stadium for the end of the game. Except the student section, still packed in like sardines until the clock ran down to 0:00. Like me, many of them had never seen us win a football game, and those who had had even more reason to want to stay after a year of losses. It was fantastic. Even with our butts on the goal line we still managed to run it up the field for a second first down and then a punt that landed them back near the 40. We can talk about how horrible SJSU was as much as we want, we were still the ones doing the creaming.

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